Daruvir 600mg

Darunavir is a drug sold under the trade name Daruvir 600mg and which evacuate anti-retroviral activity. Depends upon appearance of anti-viral medicine resistance that occurred during single use of Daruvir, the drug administered by consolidated with other anti-retroviral drugs. Daruvir 600mg is belongs to HIV protease inhibitor, required for the treatment of AIDS & HIV infections.






Daruvir 600mg concomitant use with Cobicistate or Ritonavir or other antiretroviral indicated for the treatment of HIV-1 infection in adult patients. The Daruvir 600mg uses is based on two criteria,

  • The levels of Analyzing of Plasma HIV-1 RNA
  • The count of CD4+cells

Daruvir 600mg with Ritonavir consolidation is indicated for the treatment of HIV-1 infection in pediatric patients.


Darunavir is drive out an anti-retroviral effect by prohibiting the protease enzyme which is needed for HIV viral multiplication, Dimerization and catalytic effect of HIV-1 protease also forbidden.

In virus infected cells, darunavir includes in inhibits the separation of HIV encoded Gag-pol polyproteins, thus the prevention which blocks the production of mature infectious virus particle.

Darunavir has molecular affability, so it can easily adapt for changing shape of protease enzymes.


While Daruvir combine with Ritonavir will produce Tmaxof approx. 2.5-4 hrs The drug bioavailability is 37% and 82% of Daruvir 600mg and ritonavir 100mg.

The human plasma protein bound is 95%.

Moreover, Daruvir 600mg go through oxidative metabolism by CYP3A.

After monotherapy or Co administration with Ritonavir will eliminated approx. feces79.5% and in urine 13.9%


daruvir 600
Brand Daruvir
Ingredients Darunavir
Strength 600mg
Manufactured Cipla


In general dose 600mg (2 dose of 300mg) taken twice in a day (BD) with food in oral administration. In adult patients the treatment for no Daruvirresistance along withsubstitutions is 800mg DaruvirOD with Ritonavir OD (once daily) with food. Daruvir 600mg combination with Ritonavir 100mg BD with food provide treatment for at least one Daruvirresistance associated substitution is.

Pediatric age of 3 to less than 18 years

In pediatric patients, Daruvirshould not be used as single dosing for daily.

Dose recommendation should be based on weighing at least 10kg but less than 15 kg;

Greater or equal to 10kg to less than 11kg: The prescribed dose is 200mg of Daruvirwith 32mg of ritonavir
Greater or equal to 11kg to less than 12 kg: The prescribed dose is 220mg of Daruvirwith 32mg of ritonavir
Greater or equal to 12kg to less than 13kg: The prescribed dose is 240mg of Daruvirwith 40mg of ritonavir
Greater or equal to 13kg to less than 14kg: The prescribed dose is 260mg of Daruvirwith 40mg of ritonavir
Greater or equal to 14kg to less than 15kg: The prescribed dose is 280mg of Daruvirwith 48mg of ritonavir.

Dose recommendation for weighing at least 15kg

≥ 15kg to <30kg: 375mg of Daruvirwith 50mg ritonavir
≥30kg to <40kg: 450mg of Daruvirwith 60mg of ritonavir
≥40kg: 600mg of Daruvirwith 100mg of ritonavir

Common side effects

Mild nausea, Stomach ache, Insomnia, Itching and rashes, Change in body shape (fat).

Serious side effects

Signs of allergic reaction like Hives, Dyspnea, Swelling of (face,lips,throat,tongue), Severe hepatomegaly with steatosis, Chest discomfort, Wheezing, Cold sore, increased heart rate, Lumbar pain


Darunavir is a sulfonamide moiety, use with cautiously if patients are allergy to sulfonamide.

Due to Drug interactions

Some drug – drug interaction may cause severe life threatening conditions. Avoid the combinational therapy.


In protease inhibitor therapies, there is a chance of getting increased bleeding condition leads to skin hematomas & hemarthrosis in patients suffered with hemophilia type A or B Diabetes


Increasing blood glucose level during the Daruvir 600mg therapy is a major adverse effect. Monitor the patient’s glucose level during the treatment periodically.

Redistribution of fat

The major adverse risk of this condition is obesity. This may generally occur in anti-retroviral treatments.

Immune reconstitution syndrome

This may occur in Daruvir 600mg therapy; to overcome the problem therapy should be discontinued.


Combination of Daruvirwith ritonavir are mostly based on CYP3A for clearance and increased plasma concentration causes life threatening reactions similarly with interaction with Alfuzosin cause hypotension Concomitant use with Dihydroergotamine causes peripheral vasospasm sand ischemia.

Daruvir combination withCisapride andpimozide causes cardiac arrhythmias Interaction of Midazolam and triazolam causes respiratory depression.

Category C: In animal studies evaluted that in reproduction has an adverse reaction on fetus and there has been no acceptable and well illustrate studies in human but the drug usage in pregnant women assign potential risk for fetus.

Daruvir 600mg is probably unsafe to use during breastfeeding. Please consult with doctor

In mild to moderate hepatic impairment patients, dosage adjustment should not be suggested. In severe hepatic impairment patients, the use of Daruvir should not be allowed.

Daruvir 600mg store at room temperature 25°C Keep the medicine in airtight container. Keep away from the children’s and pets. Dispense the drug only in original container.

If dose is forgot by patient, take the missed dose before the next dose timing reaches or leave the missed dose and continue the regular schedule Please consult the doctor.


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