Herclon is a type of drugs which belongs to anticancer medication. Herclon injection consist of a targeted cancer drug known as trastuzumab, which is pharmacologically classified as humanized monoclonal antibody produced by recombinant DNA technology. Herclon is a prescription drug and to be administered under the guidance of a qualified physician experienced in the use of cancer chemotherapeutic agents.





Herclon 440mg injection Prescribed for

The injection Herclon is indicated alone or combination with other medicine for the treatment in patients who suffering from metastatic breast cancer. The drug also used with combination of other medicine for the treatment of certain types of stomach or esophagus cancer in some persons.

Herclon injection work as

Various type of breast cancer cells have a greater than normal level of a protein called HER2 (human epidermal growth factor receptor 2) on their surface.

These HER2 receptors will receive signals which stimulate the tumor cells to grow and multiply. But breast cancer cells with too many HER2 receptors can Choice too many growth signals and so initate developing and replicating too much and too fast.

Herclon acts by attach itself to the HER2 receptors on the surface of breast cancer cells and block them from collecting growth signals. By stopping the signals, Herclon can slow or prohibit the growth of the breast cancer and the drug is an immune targeted therapy. In addition to inhibiting HER2 receptors, Trastuzumab can also help to fight against breast cancer by attentive the immune system to damage the cancer cells onto which it is attached.

Brand Herclon
Ingredients Trastuzumab
Strength 440mg
Manufactured Roche

Dosage and administration of Herclon

The Herclon injection should not combine with other drugs and do not administer as an intravenous push or bolus. Trastuzumab should not be give alternative for or with ado-trastuzumab emtansine Adjuvant treatment, breast cancer: The drug given according to one of the following doses and schedules for a 52 weeks total of trastuzumab treatment:

During combination with paclitaxel, docetaxel, or docetaxel /Carboplatin

Initiating dose of 4 mg/kg as an IV (intravenous infusion) over 90 minutes followed at 2 mg/kg as an IV( intravenous infusion) over 30 minutes weekly during treatment of chemotherapy given with paclitaxel or docetaxel for first 12 weeks or 18 weeks (docetaxel/carboplatin)

The Herclon dose for One week following the last weekly administers Trastuzumab at 6 mg/kg as an IV (intravenous infusion) over 30 to 90 minutes every three weeks.

The injection given as a single agent within three weeks following completion of multi-modality, anthracycline-based chemotherapy regimens:

For an intravenous infusion over 90 minutes: Initial dose at 8 mg/kg Successive doses at 6 mg/kg over 30 to 90 minutes every three weeks as an intravenous infusion. Adjuvant treatment stretching beyond one year is not recommended.

Metastatic Treatment, Breast Cancer

Herclon given treatment alone or in combination with paclitaxel, at an starting dose of 4 mg/kg as a 90-minute intravenous infusion continued by successive once weekly doses of 2 mg/kg as 30-minute intravenous infusions until disease development.

Metastatic Gastric Cancer

Herclon administrated at a starting dose of 8 mg/kg as a 90 minute IV intravenous infusion continued by successive doses of 6 mg/kg as an intravenous infusion over 30 to 90 minutes every three weeks until disease development.

Common side effects

Redness at injection site (IV) Muscle/joint/back pain, Insomnia, Tiredness, Mild skin rash, Stuffy nose, Sinus pain.This are the common trastuzumab side effects.

Serious side effects

Increased coughing, Sudden unexplained weight gain, Unusual tiredness, Easy bruising or bleeding, Fast or pounding heartbeat, Increased coughing.This are the Serious trastuzumab side effects.

Embryo fetal damage

Herclon is contraindicated to pregnancy period. Do not becoming concieve during this therapy. Use efficient contraceptives during treatment


Patient taking Herclon injection have high risk of exposing to cardiac disorders. Provide alternative therapy management In serious condition, treatment should be discontinue

Pulmonary toxicity

Some serious fatal cases of pulmonary toxicity occur during Herclon treatment.

Infusion reactions

During Herclon treatment some life threatening infusion reactions are produced. In serious infusion reactions, Stop the Herclon treatment permanently. Patient should be treated with premedication before starting the infusion to overcome the such problem, During Herclontreatment.use with Caution.

Therapy induced neutropenia

Higher incidence of neutropenia occurs during Herclon treatment.

Drug- drug interaction

  • In some cases, patient should get anthracycline, in that situation patient’s cardiac function should be checked carefully with regular intervals.
  • Avoid taking take anthracycline treatment for 7 months after stopping the Herclon treatment.
  • Herclon interaction with anthracycline after ending of Herclon treatment may have a chance of getting cardiac problem. This side effects occur because of Trastuzumab have high disaster period is based on population PK analysis.


No Possibility of contraindicated occurs. The patients are contraindicated to the component present in the Herclon , Hence Hypersensitivity reactions are occurs.

During pregnancy this cancer medicine may be harmful for your baby. So, if this drug is used during pregnancy, or if the patient becomes pregnant while taking this medicine, the patient should be advice about the hidden hazard to a fetus. You should tell about your pregnancy to your doctor. Your pharmacist must understand your condition in order to check your health, and then your baby will be protected from infection soon after birth. You can also discuss with your doctor about birth control methods that will work for you.

While usingHerclon passes into breast milk or if it could affect a nursing baby. Hence breast feeding is not recommended while on treatment with Herclon.

Store the drug at 2°C to 8°C (refrigerator temperature) Protected the carton away from heat & light Stored at 2°C to 8°C for 28 days after reconstitution Stored Herclon diluted bag at 2°C to 8°C for 24 hours.

It is important to accept each scheduled dose of Trastuzumab medication as instructed. If you miss a dose, leave the missed dose and continue with your regular dosing schedule. Do not make up for a missed one. If you are not sure about what to do after missing a dose, the take advice with doctor or pharmacist.


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