Instgra is a integrase strand transfer inhibitor, nucleoside reverse transcriptase & nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor.





Instgra Indication

Instgra are used for treating the HIV-1 infection in adults & pediatric patients with weighing of at least 35kg. Usually Instgra is used in HIV-1 infection condition for reducing the disease progression into AIDS.

Mechanism of action

Integrase enzyme is essential for transferring the viral genetic material into human chromosome, this enzyme is inhibited by Dolutegravir.

It blocks the strand transfer step Stop the HIV-1 multiplication.

Brand Instgra
Ingredients Dolutegravir
Strength 50mg
Manufactured Emcure

Dosage & administration of Instgra

Before beginning the treatment for HIV-1 diseases, patients ought to be checked completely to examine the HBV contamination is available or not. Creatinine clearance, urine glucose, urine protein, and other lab esteems are explored before start the treatment. Instgra tablets ought to be managed with or without meal.

For adolescents

Treatment recently initiated or treatment experienced INSTI new or virologically smothered in grown-ups supplanting to Dolutegravir in addition to rilpivirine: The usual dosage of Instgra is 50mg (one tablet) ought to be controlled orally as once day by day.

Treatment recently started or treatment experienced INSTI new while co regulating with UGT1A or CYP3A inducers: The suggested dose is 50mg of Instgra ought to be directed orally as two times each day.

INSTI experienced with certain INSTI related obstruction substitutions: The suggested dosage is 50mg of Instgra tablet ought to be controlled orally as two times each day.

For pediatrics

Depending up on the body weight of patients, the measurement of Instgra ought to be ascertained; 30 to under 40kg: The endorsed measurements is 35mg of Instgra (one 25mg + one 10mg Instgra) ought to be taken orally as once day by day. 40 or more noteworthy: The endorsed dosage is 50mg of Instgra ought to be directed orally as once day by day.

Side effects of Instgra

Anaphylactic reactions, Liver toxicity, Lactic acidosis or hepatomegaly with steatosis, Immune reconstitution syndrome, Severe aggravation of HBV infection, New outbreak or worsening of renal impairment

Common side effects

Rash, Vertigo, Abdominal pain, Discomfort, Hepatitis, Myositis, Pruritus, Bone mineral density defects, Insomnia, Depression, Abnormal dreams, Dizziness, Headache, Nausea, Diarrhea

Genuine exacerbation of HBV diseases

Before start the treatment, patients ought to be inspected for the event of cutting edge HBV disease. This deadly case happens in patients with HBV/HIV-1 contamination. Keep the issue by estimating the HBsAg and hostile to HBc levels. Screen the ECG levels Start the HBV contamination related administration. Hepatic capacity test ought to be performed.

Immune reconstitution syndrome

This lethal case is happens amid the treatment of HIV-1 diseases. In serious condition, stop the treatment.

New episode or irritation of renal hindrance

Maintain a strategic distance from the blend of Instgrawith tranquilize diminishing the renal capacities. Screen the renal capacity test. Maintain a strategic distance from the utilization of Instgrain renal hindered patients.

Lactic acidosis or serious hepatomegaly with steatosis

This lethal case is happens amid the counter retro viral treatment. Keep the issue by checking the hepatic capacity and levels of hepatic proteins. In extreme condition, treatment ought to be halted.

Skin reactions

Amid the treatment, some anaphylactic responses are framed. In extreme condition treatment ought to be stopped.

Liver toxicities

Amid the treatment with Instgra , patient ought to be endured with liver harmfulness. Keep the issue by inspect the patient’s hepatic capacity test much of the time. Keep up the hepatic catalyst level.

Loss of virological reactions related with tranquilizes collaborations

In some blend treatment, there is possibility of patients getting protection from the related medications which prompts loss of helpful action. Screen the conceivable unfavorable impacts related to these medication mixes.

Instgra uses in

The pregnancy classification of Dolutegravir is B Using Instgrain pregnancy condition with caution, essentially in the wake of knowing the danger parts to the hatchling of these things In Some patient’s placental change happens, in such conditions stop the utilization of these products.

For the most part bosom sustaining ought not to be permitted in HIV tainted mother, in light of exchanging of HIV infection into baby.

Instgra tablets container should be stored at temperature 25°C. Keep the container away from moisture, heat & light.

Instgra , are unfriendly to retroviral prescription, if missed measurements occurred over the traverse of treatment, must be direct with therapeutic master and take after the rule as indicated by their suggestion. On the other way, the missed dose should be avoided and take the standard schedule.

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