Qurdac is a drug which belongs to anti-hepatitis C viral medication, andcontains composition of Daclatasvir as an anti-viral agent. Qurdac is a type of HCV NS5A inhibitor. Qurdac is an orally available prohibitor of HCV NS5A replication complex with potent anti-viral activity. Qurdac contains Daclatasvir is not usually used as monotherapy it should be combined wuith other anti-viral agents especially sofosbuvir or ribavirin for better activity against HCV infection. The drawback of Qurdac therapy; Loss of virological response occurs in HCV genotype III infected patients with cirrhosis getting Daclatasvir in combination with sofosbuvir for 12 weeks.





Qurdac indication

The pharmacological category of Qurdac is; Anti-hepaciviral drug NS5A inhibitor The major indication of Qurdac is involved to treat chronic hepatitis C viral infection caused by genotypes I or III.

Qurdac mechanism

Daclatasvir performs action of HCV NS5A inhibitor. After oral organization, converge to space I of NS5A protein and forbids the movement of NS5A protein and finishes up as disturbance of viral RNA replication complex, discourage the viral RNA creation and disallows the viral replication.

The maximal plasma concentration time of Qurdac is occurs within 2 hours. Bioavailability of Qurdac is occurs by 67% No food should be altering the absorption of Qurdac; it should be taken with or without food.

The human plasma protein binding effect of Qurdac is 99%. The apparent volume of distribution is 47L Qurdac metabolism is mediated by cytochrome enzymes like CYP3A4.

Qurdac is eliminated in feces by 88% & urine by 6.6%. The half-lives of Qurdac is almost 15 to 15 hours


Brand Qurdac
Ingredients Daclatasvir
Strength 60mg
Manufactured Strides

Prior to thestarting of the treatment with Qurdac , patients HBsAg & anti HBc values are calculated for preventing the reoccurrence of HBV infections. Daclatasvir should be concomitant use with Sofosbuvir. The general dose of Qurdac is 60mg should be administered with or without food.

Genotype I:

Patients without cirrhosis: Qurdac + sofosbuvir should be taken orally for 12 weeks. Patients with compensated cirrhosis: one Qurdac+400mg of sofosbuvir for 12 weeks Patients with decompensated cirrhosis or liver transplanted patients: one Qurdac +400mg of sofosbuvir + ribavirin for 12 weeks.

Genotype III:

Patients without cirrhosis: Qurdac + sofosbuvir should be taken orally for 12 weeks. Patients with compensated or decompensated cirrhosis: one Qurdac + 400mg of sofosbuvir + ribavirin for 12 weeks.

Dosage alteration due to drug interaction:

Qurdac combined with CYP3A inhibitors & HIV antiviral agents, the dose should be reduced to 30mg as once a day. Qurdac with CYP3A inducers, the dose of Qurdac is increased to 90mg once daily Avoid the combination of Qurdac with potent CYP3A inducers

Over dosage

At the time of over dosage, patient should be treated with general supportive measures. The signs & symptoms of Qurdac over dosage should be monitored. No special antidote is required for treating the over dosage of Qurdac. It is difficult to remove by hemodialysis, because Qurdac is majorly binds to human plasma protein with range of 99%.

Qurdac side effects

Symptomatic bradycardia while combining with amiodarone Nausea, Diarrhea, Insomnia, Dizziness, Somnolence, Anemia, Increased AST, ALT, Increased bilirubin, Headache, Fatigue, Increased lipase

Loss of virological response occurs due to drug interactions:

The combination of Qurdac with other anti-viral agents sometimes leads to cause loss of activity of Qurdac & produce resistance. Prevent this type of combination therapy. Monitor the adverse effects due to drug interactions frequently.


This fatal case is occurs due to concomitant use of Qurdac with amiodarone. Prevent the problem by avoiding this combination. ECG should be monitored Alternative measures should be provided Patient should be counseled about the risk benefits associated with this combination.

Exposure of adverse effects related to ribavirin:

The combination of Qurdac with ribavirin should be contraindicated to pregnancy condition.

Warning associated with Qurdac

HBV reactivation in patient’s co infected with HCV/HBV; This condition is occurs majorly in the patients who are receiving the anti-HCV therapy, but not getting treatment for HBV infection.

Prevent the problem by testing the patients HBsAg & anti-HBc levels before the treatment starts. Hepatic function test should be performed. Patients management associated with HBV infection should be started.

Qurdac drug interactions

  • Qurdac interaction with warfarin will leads to fluctuation in INR & prothrombin time which may results as increased bleeding defects.
  • Combination of Qurdac with protease inhibitors or NNRTI causes decreased effect of concentration of Daclatasvir.
  • Interaction of Qurdac with amiodarone causes severe bradycardia.
  • Qurdac combined with lipid lowering drugs causes increased concentration of these drugs.
  • Qurdac concurrently used with CYP3A inducers causes depletion of plasma level of Daclatasvir.
  • Qurdac combined with CYP3A inhibitors causes elevation of plasma level of Daclatasvir.
  • Qurdac combined with P-gp or BCRP substrates causes increased risk of adverse effects related to these substrates.


Qurdac is contraindicated to; Pregnancy while combined with ribavirin will harm the fetal

Some hypersensitivity reactions are produced while patients are contraindicated to the ingredient of Qurdac .


Pregnancy category of Qurdac is B Qurdac + sofosbuvir+ ribavirin should not be used in pregnancy period. Ribavirin pregnancy category is X Ribavirin causes embryo fetal damage

Breast feeding should not be allowed

In case missed dose occurs, patients should be consult with medical practitioner & follow the instructions. Maintain the regular dosing schedule for avoiding the missed dose occurrence. Skip the missed dose if possible.

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