Cyramza 500mg is a type of Intravenous human monoclonal antibody which prohibits VEGFR2.
Cyramza 500mg Increased risk of haemorrhage that may be severe and sometimes fatal. Discontinue if severe bleeding occurs.
Cyramza 500mg is a prescription drugs which is used under supervision of doctor.



10ml in 1 vial


Cyramza 500mg injection indicated for :
The treatment of advanced or metastatic gastric or gastroesophageal junction adenocarcinoma - As a single agentor in combination with paclitaxel
The treatment for metastatic non-small cell lung cancer - In combination with docetaxel
The treatment of patients with metastatic colorectal cancer -In combination with FOLFIRI.

Mechanism of action

Ramucirumab belongs to human monoclonal antibody (IgG1) against vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2 (VEGFR2), which is a type II trans-membrane tyrosine kinase receptor show on endothelial cells. By binding to VEGFR2, ramucirumab inhibits binding of its ligands (VEGF-A, VEGF-C, and VEGF-D), hence prohibiting VEGF-stimulated receptor phosphorylation and downstream ligand-induced multiplication, permeability, and migration of human endothelial cells.
Half-life of ramucirumab 14 days


Ingredients Ramucirumab
Strength 500mg
Manufactured 10ml in 1 vial

Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer :
The recommended dose is 10 mg/kg IV infused over ~1 hr prior to docetaxel (75 mg/m²) IV infusion on Day 1 of a 21-day cycle
Gastric Cancer :
As a monotherapy agent or in co administration with paclitaxel is used.
Recommended dose for Single agent or in combination with paclitaxel is 8 mg/kg IV q2wk; infuse over 1 hr
Recommended dose for Paclitaxel (if given in combination) is 80 mg/m² once weekly for 3 weeks of every 28-day cycle.
When given in concomitant, administer ramucirumab prior to administration of paclitaxel
Colorectal Cancer :
In combination with FOLFIRI for the treatment
Recommended dose is 8 mg/kg IV q2wk; administer by IV infusion over 60 minutes prior to FOLFIRI administration

Side effects

Cyramza 500mg have side effects for gastric cancer with combination of paclitaxel :
• Fatigue/asthenia
• Neutropenia
• Diarrhea
• Epistaxis
• Peripheral edema
• Stomatitis
• Proteinuria
• Hypertension
• Infusion-related reactions
• Hypertension grade 3-4
• Thrombocytopenia
• Hypoalbuminemia .
Cyramza 500mg have side effects for non-small cell lung cancer
• Neutropenia
• Fatigue/asthenia
• Stomatitis/mucosal inflammation
• Epistaxis
• Febrile neutropenia
• Peripheral edema
• Thrombocytopenia
• Lacrimation increased
• Hypertension.


Can have high the risk of gastrointestinal perforation, a probably fatal event
Completely discontinue in patients who experience a gastrointestinal perforation
Impaired wound healing can appear with antibodies prohibiting the VEGF pathway
Stop in patients with impaired wound healing
Hold up drug prior to surgery and discontinue if a patient occurs wound healing complications
Have high the risk of haemorrhage and gastrointestinal haemorrhage, containingserious and sometimes fatal haemorrhagic events enduringly discontinue patients who experience severe bleeding


  • Cyramza 500mg has No clinically meaningful difference in the exposure of either ramucirumab or its combination drugs in the approved combinations, contains paclitaxel, docetaxel, and irinotecan were observed in patients with solid tumor.

Based on mechanism ramucirumab will cause fetal harm.Cyramza 500mg has no available data while use in pregnant women to inform any drug–associated risks.

Excretion into human milk is unknown. Avoid the Cyramza 500mg during treatment.

Discard product if it contains particulate matter, is cloudy, or discoloured
- Dispose unused portion. Do not store for later use.
- Avoid freeze.
- Protect from light.

Take the dose immediately before next dose duration, Next dose time reaches then left off the missed dose and continue regular schedule. Avoid taking double dose at same time.


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