Taffic is an anti-retroviral medicationthat includes three conspicuous determinantsare known as; Tenofovir Alafenamide Emtricitabine Bictegravir Tenofovir Alafenamide is a nucleotide transcriptase prevention Emtricitabine is a nucleoside reverse transcriptase prevention Bictegravir is integrase prevention. These are the most adequate & a dominantmixture against HIV-1 infections, but it does not cure the infection area it is only used for forbidding&contain the progress of HIV-1 infection into AIDS. In Taffic tablets, Emtricitabine is synthetics fluoro alike of thiacytodone. Bictegravir is an investigational medication.TAF is existing as a prodrug.

Tenofovir Alafenamide + Emtricitabine + Bictegravir


25mg + 200mg + 50mg



Persistent for the drug of HIV-1 infection in adult’s patients.
Taffic is a combination tablet contains Tenofovir Alafenamide, Emtricitabine & Bictegravir is mainly


Taffic is a nucleoside reverse transcriptase prevention (carboxylic synthetic nucleoside analog), it has activity against human immunodeficiency virus type I. The growth of viral DNA gets concerned by the infusion of nucleotide which causes lack of OH molecule. OH, molecules are vital for the establishment of 5 to 3 phosphodiester similarity which is guilty of chain development.This alive metabolite forbids the action of reverse transcriptase by scrap with dGTP and inserted into viral DNA. Taffic is phosphorylated into an effective metabolite carbovir triphosphate (deoxyguanosine 5’triphosphate) dGTP.

Brand Taffic
Ingredients Tenofovir Alafenamide + Emtricitabine + Bictegravir
Strength 25mg + 200mg + 50mg
Manufactured Hetero


Taffic should be used in juvenile, a pediatric patient with weighing at least 25kg & creatinine approval of patients should be larger or similar to 30ml/min. Taffic should not be relevant for patients with creatinine recognition below 30ml/min.
The patient’s renal values should be examined for the creatinine recognition, urine glucose & urine protein.Valuable points; before starting the treatment, the patient should be considered for the presence of hepatitis B infection or not.Taffic tablets should be performed with food or without food. The favored dose of Taffic isan individual tablet that should be likely orally as every day.

Side effects

Common side effects:
Abnormal dreams
Feeling sick (nausea)
Tiredness (fatigue)
Uncommon side effects:
Stomach pain
An obstacle with digestion resulting in discomfort after meals (dyspepsia)
wind (flatulence)
swelling of the face, lips, tongue or throat (angioedema)
itching (pruritus)
Joint pain (arthralgia)
Suicidal behavior
sleep disorders

Immune reconstitution condition: To buried the problem by interrupting withthe medication with Taffic. Thedominance of Taffic tablets for developing hepatitis B infection has not been estimated.
These assets mostly happen in patients who are HIV-1 co-infected. Renal declineexacerbates: Stop using Taffic with drugs affecting the renal capacity. Lactic acidosis & hepatic steatosis: Finish the therapy using Taffic oversees the creatinine authorization value usually. Insincere conditions, CrCl below 30ml/min use of Taffic should be prevented.The annoyanceof hepatitis B infection: Patients should be annoyanceearlier for the growth of hepatitis B infection or not.


  • Taffic + P-GP or BCRP potent prevention: affect the utilization of TAF. Taffic + potent P-gp or BCRP inducers: decrease the consumption of TAF causes reducing=g the plasma combination of TAF and certainly results as loss of influence of Taffic. Tafficremoval process occurs through kidneys; a combination of Taffic with drugs affecting the renal activity causes increasing the effect of consolidation of ingredients of Taffic& concludes as an attain of adverse effects associated with these components. Taffichad been combined with drugs like Tipranavir/Ritonavir causes a decline in the effect of the concentration of TAF.
  • Taffic concurrently used with anti- contraction causes decreasing the effect of concentration of TAF. Taffic concurrently used with anti-mycobacterium or st John’s wort causes decreasing the effect of absorption of TAF.
  • Inhibition of both CYP3A4 and UGT1A1 by a co-direct drug could likely lead to compelling increases in BIC hazard, while potent initiation of these stimulantsmay significantly reduce BIC hazard.


Taffic has distinct to patients with CrCl below 30ml/min Anaphylactic reactions are establish due to patients are belied to the cause of Taffic.

The custom of Taffic during pregnancy stage is only come by knowing the stab-benefit combine with Taffic.

The storage of Taffic should be conserved at a condition below 30℃ Protect the container from humidity, heat &sunny.

The overdosage of Taffic should be conducted with hemodialysis. Emtricitabine should be evacuated by a 30% range after completing 3 hours of theseparationmethod. TAF should be expelled by 54% of range after 4 hours of separationbeing apart. Bictegravir is highly obligated to plasma proteins; it is interestingthat it will be inevitably evacuated by hemodialysis or peritoneal being apart.

The adeptness &prominence of Taffic should not be eminence in pediatric patients with weighing below 25kg.

The abilityof Taffic should not be anticipatedin antiseptic trials for geriatric patients at the age of above 65 years.

The uses of Taffic should be precludedin patients with CrCl below 30ml/min.


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