Abiraterone is sold under brand name Xbira , it is a one of the chemo medicine. It is an androgen biosynthesis inhibitor useful for the treatment of prostate cancer. It is precisely indicated for use in conviction with castration and prednisolone for the therapy of metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer. Xbira acetate is involved in hormone therapy. It is an adrenal inhibitor.

Abiraterone acetate




Usage Of Xbira

Xbira is an inhibitor of CYP17 which is used to treats the patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer, The patienthas received earlier chemotherapy with docetaxel combination with prednisone and in failure of androgen deprivation treatment.

The patient clinically not used for chemotherapy with prednisone or prednisolone will preferred treatment with metastatic CRPC in adult men.

Mechanism of action

Abiraterone works by decreasing the testosterone hormone in body. Testosterone is essential for growth of cancer cells in men.

Abiraterone acetate converted to Abiraterone (androgen biosynthesis inhibitor) in vivo.

Prohibits 17α-hydroxylase C 17, 20-lyase (CYP17) Enzyme expressed in testicular, adrenal, prostatic tumor tissues required for androgen synthesis.


Time to high plasma concentration of Xbira tablet takes 12 hours.

Maximum bound to the human plasma protein like albumin and alpha-1 acid glycoprotein.

The main two metabolites of Abiraterone in human plasma are Abiraterone sulphate and N-oxide Abiraterone sulphate.

The drug mainly excreted in 88% feces and 5% in urine Half-life of tablet Xbira is 12 ± 5 hours.


Brand Xbira
Ingredients Abiraterone acetate
Strength 250mg
Manufactured Cipla

It is a pill taking as 4 tablets once a day, prednisolone reduce the risk of side effects due to Abiraterone. Prednisolone taken twice daily It should be taken without food empty stomach (either 2hrs after a meal or 1hr before a meal).

It should be taken at almost the same time every day. Prednisolone is a steroid medication, taken along with Abiraterone for hormonal balance. It should be administered under the supervision of medical oncologist.

Side Effects occurred in Xbira tablets

Generally, all chemo medicine has several side effects and adverse.

Common side effects

Fatigue, Arthralgia, Hypertension, Nausea, edema, Hypokalemia, Diarrhea, vomiting, Cough, headache, Glucocorticoid deficiency, Mineral corticoid deficiency, Hepatotoxicity. Abiraterone acetate is a anti androgen medication, thereby it inhibits the generation of androgens like testosterone and dihydroestosterone in the body.

Major effects occurred in greater than 30% of patient

Retention of fluid, Increase in triglycerides level, Increased the levels of liver enzymes

Less common effects

Swelling of joints and discomfort, Potassium level decreased in blood stream, Peripheral edema, Phosphorus level decreased in blood flow, Diarrhea, UTI

Safety And Warning Of Xbira

Consult the medical practitioner in case of patient experience with following manifestations; Body temperature increases to 100.4°F (38°C or higher, chills). Chest pain Difficulty in breathing Incompetence of urination

Other syndromes, it should be noticed within 24hrs

Dizziness, headache, unusual bleeding, black stools, fatigue, yellowing color of skin and eye, Elevation of blood pressure


It should not give to pregnancy and lactation women. It comes under pregnancy category X (cause fetal harm). In men, drug is excreted in semen; birth control should be used during treatment.


  • Interaction of Xbira with dextromethorphan will raises the Cmax and AUC of dextromethorphan

  • Interaction Xbira with strong CYP3A inhibitors or inducers, concomitant use with caution because pharmacokinetics is not evaluated.

Missed Dose

If patient missed the dose of Xbira , that missed dose will be skipped and follow the regular dosing schedule.

Pregnancy category X:while ontherapy with Xbira tablet if women become pregnant, immediately stop the drug and give counseling to the women. Xbira tablet is not recommended for women.

Xbira is not used in women excretion in human milk is unknown and the drug effects in the nursing infant is unknown.

The drug stored at 15°C-30°C Keep the drug in dry cool place Dispense the only in original container

Xbira has no essential antidote, If overdose occurs end treatment with the drug and give general supportive measures such as monitoring arrhythmias and cardiac failure and assess liver function.


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